Wifi thermostats, are they worth it?

Wifi thermostats, are they worth it?

In a world where everything is trending toward being programmable and connected, it seems that nothing is overlooked. Yes, we already have smart phones and tablets to keep us connected when we’re on the go, DVRs and Smart TVs so that we never miss a show, and now, the latest emerging device to help us stay connected and, ideally, save money at the same time: Wi-Fi thermostats.

Yes, Wi-Fi thermostats. Specifically, they’re thermostats that are able to be controlled via your home’s wireless router. So in other words, you can control your thermostat where ever you can get an Internet signal. So if you’re at work and want to dial down the heat (because why wouldn’t you – if you’re at work nobody at home is benefiting from it), you can do it from your smart phone (there’s an app for that!). On vacation and realize that you left the air conditioning on so that your home is a crisp 68 degrees? Get online and dial it up to conserve the air conditioning your home receives when no one’s around to benefit from it. Maybe you’re heading home from the gym and want to dial up your A/C so that your home is cool the minute you step inside? Again, just amp up the air conditioning from your mobile phone as you leave the gym.

You get the picture – Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world, just so long as you have an Internet connection. This is a stark contrast from conventional thermostats, which can only be controlled when you’re inside the home. The thought behind Wi-Fi thermostats is that they can help you save money on energy bills by programming and controlling your thermostat so that it’s only working to make your home comfortable when you most need it. In a world where the average homeowner spends some $2,200 annually on energy bills – about half of which is attributed to heating and cooling costs – installing a programmable, Wi-Fi thermostat can save you some $200 per year. That adds up big time over the years.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this article – Yes, Wi-Fi thermostats are indeed green. They essentially conserve the amount of heating and/or cooling your house receives. And in addition to putting money back into your pocket, they also help the environment. That’s win-win, especially in today’s world where green technology isn’t always associated with lower prices, but more so carried out because “it’s the right and responsible thing to do.” In fact, one of the biggest complaints against so-called “green” technology is that the up-front costs outweigh the long-term payoff. Wi-Fi thermostats, on the other hand, while they cost anywhere from $40 to $300, can pay for themselves within the first year of installation. And that’s even before considering having such technology installed in your business or a larger commercial infrastructure, where the savings can potentially double – or even triple – compared to a single-home household.

And to put a cherry on top of it all – Wi-Fi thermostats are also extremely easy to use. In fact, many models are easier to program and maintain than a DVR unit.
Now that’s a green technology with a high payoff.

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